Muscle and Joint Pain

Muscle and Joint Pain


When it comes to muscle and joint pain, resveratrol works to help promote cellular rejuvenation and health. Research suggest healthy cells are the foundation for warding off age related diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

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Those of you who have read articles in particular the About Peter Castledine page and the Energy Supplements article on this site know I  am interested in an overall healthy, but reasonable lifestyle.

This includes eating correctly and keeping myself physical fit based on a simple jogging routine.   As an antioxidant, resveratrol is believed to help with muscle recovery and my first hand experience can confirm this 100%.  I believe the recovery is brought on partially from the cell recovery caused by resveratrol being able to activating the SiRT1 gene we all have. Muscle and joint pain relief was something I have experienced using resveratrol.

Resveratrol is believed to act as an anti-estrogen.  Excess estrogen production in men has been shown to decrease the production of testosterone.  By keeping estrogen levels lower in men, testosterone levels may increase, in turn helping with muscle building, recovery, increasing libido, and anti-depressant effects.

For the sake of this article my focus is on muscle and joint pain, endurance and post workout recovery rate.

Resveratrol has been shown to alter protein catabolism and muscle function, and confer resistance against oxidative stress, injury, and cell death of skeletal muscle cells. Basically it preserves muscle strength and endurance. Researchers believe resveratrol boosts muscle endurance by increasing the energy-producing components within muscle cells called mitochondria.

Mitochondria play a crucial role in burning fat to provide fuel for endurance exercise and this may very well be the reason many of the mice used in the endurance experiments were slimmer. You may wish to read my article related to Body Fat Loss on this site.

We have learned high-doses of resveratrol are required to trigger the pathway that gives cells more mitochondria. It has been proven that very low doses don’t activate the cell proteins needed to burn energy, therefore this explains why the idea that the odd glass of red wine might improve athletic endurance.

The effects of resveratrol are so pronounced that endurance athletes may one day take it as a performance enhancer, and to reduce muscle and joint pain, experts speculate.

To achieve this effect larger quantities or the purest resveratrol are required to be ingested in a powder form and orally to gain any tangible muscle and joint pain benefit. One glass of wine before your fitness routine is just not going to meet your needs. Unfortunately you will still suffer from aches and pains.

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Resveratrol might also be used to prevent muscle wasting in the elderly, says David Sinclair at Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts, US.

Johan Auwerx at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cell Biology in Illkirch, France, and his team of researchers placed  a test group of mice on a high-fat diet. Fifty percent of the mice received daily amounts of up to 400 milligrams of resveratrol per kilogram of body weight.

A person would have to drink about 100 glasses of wine in just one day to obtain a similar dose of resveratrol, Auwerx says, hence the use of a concentrated form.

After exactly three weeks, the mice on the resveratrol supplements weighed approximately 20% more than mice on a normal diet. But those on the high-fat diet that did not receive the supplement, weighed up to 60% more than the control mice.

The resveratrol also improved the rodents endurance in fitness tests, and seemed to have no toxic side effects. Mice on the high-fat diet that also took resveratrol were able to run twice as far on a treadmill as those on the same diet but without the supplement, even after the animals’ weight differences were taken into account.

My Personal Muscle and Joint Paint Experiences

The reason I started to use resveratrol was due to Prostate issues which I have talked about in my About Peter Castledine page.

I was not looking for a solution to my muscle and joint pain. Every other benefit I have obtained from resvertrol is listed on that page as well, so I would recommend you read it when you have finished this article.

My exercise routine is a simple one really and includes walking [6-10 kilometers] on a daily basis with my wife and running [6-15 kilometers] after the walk every second or third day depending on the weather, aches and pains, and what else is planned for the day. I work from home so that makes it easier to fit it all in first thing in the morning.

The effect on my muscle and joint pain varied due to the length of the workout. Even the shortest routine would see some aches and pains but the longer runs would certainly have more of an effect on my post workout recovery.

Keep in mind I wasn’t looking for any muscle pain treatment even though I would suffer muscle sprain from time to time.

Once I started to take resveratrol the whole scenario changed. I can honestly say my post workout recovery time reduced by a massive 50%. The shorter routines resulted in no muscle and joint pain and therefore I didn’t need any muscle pain treatment at all.

I also had significant increased endurance during the routines and I talked more about this my article about Energy Supplements. It was actually quiet weird, but in a really nice way. I was completing my workouts even the longer ones and feeling as if I could go further.

Breathing has never been an issue for me because once I slip into my usual pace of 12 kph, I just keep going. Muscle fatigue has always the determining factor on how far I felt I could go, and it just became noticeably much easier.

Not only was the post workout recovery enhanced but the incidences of muscle sprain on the longer runs was history. Nothing.

The other thing I noticed was I no longer suffered leg cramp when I was asleep at night which was pretty common especially after a longer workout routine.

Unfortunately due to my age and prostate issues I am a regular riser during the night to the calls from Mother Nature.

It took a few weeks before I noticed, I was not experiencing any muscle and joint pain when I jumped out of bed. Having been accustomed to hobbling out of my comfortable bed at 2.00am it makes a nice change to feel thirty again.

This article has been a bit long winded but I have found they tend to be so when I have important things to say.

There is absolutely no reason why these same benefits can not be duplicated in you or anyone else in my opinion. The science is gathering more and more evidence resveratrol works, and I would absolutely recommend the product I am using to anyone.


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