Where To Buy Resveratrol

Where To Buy Resveratrol

Most people have become accustomed to purchasing products and services online these days but there are still some things you should be on the lookout for when doing so.

When making your decision on where to buy resveratrol I would recommend you keep these 10 Golden Rules in mind

1. Make sure there is some form of GUARANTEE available from the supplier. Do NOT compromise. If it is detailed on the web site then this is good enough. The FTC, or your countries equivalent, will carve them up if they do not stand by their advertised guarantee.

2. Look for some form of third party endorsement of the product ie: Media reports, WebMD, CNN etc.

3. Look for testimonials on the web site. They should not be “over the top” and making ridiculous over inflated claims. For example – I have been using resveratrol for 2 months now and I don’t need glasses any more.

4. Look for additional offers [Freebies] to accompany your purchase.

5. Ensure the web site has the ability to take your order by a safe and secure Shipping Cart. In other words, can you use a Credit Card and or PayPal to buy resveratrol. Never place an order over the telephone using your credit card or account number details. There must be the ability to trace the transaction.

6. Look for discounts if you are buying large volumes of resveratrol. Some offer FREE freight.

7. A monthly dosage must be in the one bottle and there should be a minimum of 60 capsules.

8. Ensure the company has been around for some time. Details can be obtained from most websites.

9. The general appearance of the website is important. Does it look professional. Ensure there are Privacy Policy and FDA disclaimer on the website if it based in the USA.

10. Make sure you do some due diligence checks on the company using Google and Yahoo search engines. Allow some negative feedback tolerance but limit it to common sense.

These will give you a good guide on what to look for when buying resveratrol.

It is important for you to understand there are huge restrictions on what you can claim on a website and what you can’t these days.

Up until recently people would do and say just about anything on their websites and get away with it. These days the FTC, and the equivalent in other countries, have come down extremely hard on this practice.

Ensure a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE is offered

Harmoni-T provide a 30 day money back guarantee

If someone includes testimonials then they must make sure they are absolutely genuine.

If they claim to have tested product quality and they are not factual they will be crucified.

My Recommendation

The company I feel comfortable with is one called “Harmoni-T”. 

When you visit the website and have a look you will see as the name suggests, it is not just a website selling resveratrol. It is a total wellness website with a focus on Tea. It is an Australian website however they ship internationally and have holdings on the West Coast of the USA as well as in Australia.

I did hunt around a bit looking at different places to buy and I was delighted with this supplier. I do like the idea it is not just a “One Product” website. They sell their own brands but they have a great range.

They have guarantees, testimonials plus free products to add to the sale just to encourage you to buy. There are bulk buying discounts which in my opinion is a must to consider. The purchase of one months supply is not going to do much for you in any case.

Cost of Resveratrol

Their prices are very competitive and clearly demonstrates the more you buy the cheaper it is. This is another  normal market strategy for the industry.

It certainly makes sense to purchase more than one bottle for two obvious reasons.

1. It is far cheaper to do so

2. You are not going to benefit from taking just the one bottle of resveratrol. If you are going to try it then give it a decent chance to work.


Click Here To Go Directly To The Harmoni-T Website


They have three for sale and the prices varies depending on the type of Resveratrol you buy.

  • P50 Resveratrol – good quality standard resveratrol  [prices on website]
  • P99 Resveratrol – high quality  [prices below and on website]
  • Micro 500 Resveratrol – high quality micronized for better absorption [prices on website]

I use the P99 because it is top quality and mid priced between P50 and Micro 500

P99 Resveratrol Capsules Bulk Specials:

USD                                                                                AUD

1 bottle  = $31                                                                 $40.00

2 bottles = $54        [USD$27 per bottle]                         $70.00

4 bottles = $80        [USD$20 per bottle]                        $105.00

6 bottles = $102        [USD$17 per bottle]                       $129.00

12 bottles = $168       [USD$14 per bottle]                     $222.00

I usually order 6 months worth and use a bottle each month.

Hopefully this information will give you some background and a baseline for what to look for if you are considering purchasing resveratrol from a website.


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