Where To Buy Resveratrol

Where To Buy Resveratrol


Special note to USA and Canadian citizens – Harmoni – T supplies the United States and Canadian market directly from premises located on the West Coast of the USA.

It is always a tough decision to buy anything on the internet at the best of times isn’t it.

When making your decision on where to buy resveratrol you must follow my Top 10 Golden Rules

1. Make sure there is some form of GUARANTEE available from the supplier. Do NOT compromise. If it is detailed on the web site then this is good enough. The FTC, or your countries equivalent, will carve them up if they do not stand by their advertised guarantee.

2. Ensure you have some form of CERTIFICATION regarding the quality of the product. You must insist on this and it must come from a qualified third party. The tougher your countries FDA regulations are the better the product.

3. Look for testimonials on the web site. They should not be “over the top” and making ridiculous over inflated claims. For example – I have been using resveratrol for 2 months now and I don’t need glasses any more.

4. Do not buy resveratrol from a supplier if resveratrol is all they are selling. Look for someone who has a variety of different products for sale. This will establish longevity and credibility of the supplier.

5. Ensure the web site has the ability to take your order by a safe and secure Shipping Cart. In other words, can you use a Credit Card and or PayPal to buy resveratrol. Never place an order over the telephone using your credit card or account number details. There must be the ability to trace the transaction.

6. Look for discounts if you are buying large volumes of resveratrol and it should including FREE freight.

7. Make sure the grade of the resveratrol is stipulated in detail. Insist it is a high quality pure grade and in excess of 250mg per capsule. NB: Dosage of 20 -30mg is too small in my opinion.

8. Ensure there is a Guarantee on the website that the resveratrol does not contain fillers.

9. The general appearance of the website is important. Ensure there are Privacy Policy and Contact Pages included on the website.

10. Make sure you do some due diligence checks on the company using Google and Yahoo search engines. Allow some negative feedback tolerance but limit it to common sense.

These will give you a good guide on where to buy resveratrol.

It is important for you to understand there are huge restrictions on what you can claim on a website and what you can’t these days.

Up until recently people would do and say just about anything on their websites and get away with it. These days the FTC, and the equivalent in other countries, have come down extremely hard on this practice.

If someone provides a GUARANTEE then this is a big issue.

If someone includes testimonials then they must make sure they are absolutely genuine.

If they claim to have tested product quality and they are not factual they will be crucified.

Where To Buy Resveratrol And Receive A 200% Money Back Guarantee

What company……….. what website qualifies under my Top 10 Goldern Rules

Harmoni -  T is that company, and when you go in and have a look you will see that you can literally tick the box for each and everyone one of the goldern rules I have applied.

I have written another article on Who Is Harmoni – T and I would recommend you read it. I would also recommend you read my Personal Results page where I go into details about what this top quality best resveratrol has done for me.

So if you still asking yourself where to buy resveratrol and where to buy the best resveratrol then Harmoni – T is the answer in my opinion.

Secret Under The Radar Tips To Buying Resveratrol Cheaper

When you go to the Harmoni – T  website make sure you follow these hot tips to buy cheaper.
1. Look for the small red/white rectangular button titled “Checkout Offers” and click it.
2. Sometimes they have a eCoupon Offer with a code. eg 4DAYSALE which you can paste in the coupon field when ordering. Saves you an additional 10% for a short period of time.
3. When placing orders take advantage of the offers to buy 3,4 or 5 bottles and get 1, 2 or 4 free. There are a number of variations, depending on what you are ordering. You will pick up free postage as well and it will reduce the overall
cost of the bottles by a SIGNIFICANT amount. I have been using a mixture of both the P99 and Micro 500 in the past and I paid $24 per bottle for the P99 and $27 per bottle for the Micro 500, so that is a big saving as you can see.
4. I would focus more on the P99 and Micro 500 in preference to the P50 unless of course your requirements are a lower dose of Resveratrol.
5. As a loyal customer you will also receive email offers for extra discounts from time to time, directly from the company. I have received offers up to an additional 20% off.
6. I would avoid the Auto-Ship program. Whilst it may be convenient it is not the cheapest way to buy.
7. Using you credit card is totally safe.
8. When placing repeat orders for Micro 500, do so in advance as it can sometimes sell out quickly.
9. Remember….for those of you in the USA and Canada….Harmoni – T has an office on the West Coast of the USA and ship from this location directly to you. Your order will arrive within 2-5 business days. International orders are 3-7 business days with Australia and New Zealand 2-4 business days.

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